Cheap International Calls to India with World Chat

Call India from just 2p/min!

When you have to talk and you need the connection to work, World Chat provides the solution. With us you get cheap, reliable and crystal clear international calls without the need for an internet connection. Whatever mobile network you use World Chat enables you to call anyone in the world from anywhere in the UK.

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Our platform uses the power of one of the UK’s most reliable networks, O2. Using their network and scale we can offer calls to India with:

  • Highly competitive calling rates
  • Crystal clear call quality
  • A top quality service that doesn’t need Wi-Fi or data connectivity
  • Greater reliability than VoIP services.


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Search to find cheap international calling rates for calls to a location of your choice.

Enter the country you would like to call and we will provide our market leading rates.

Popular Calling Destinations Landline Mobile
Poland 1p/min 4p/min
India 2p/min 2p/min
Nigeria 7p/min 7p/min
USA 1p/min 1p/min
Ireland 2p/min 4p/min
Save money with World Chat
SAVE MONEY Free to download and some of the best rates to call India
No need for WiFi with World Chat
NO WIFI OR DATA No need for Wi-Fi or Internet so no need to worry about any data charges
5 minutes free credit
FREE CREDIT Get 5 mins free when you sign up and earn free credit when you share the app
OPEN TO ALL Available to any UK SIM holder, no matter what your network
Easy and convenient
EASY AND CONVENIENT No SIM swapping or long pin numbers


It’s really simple. Download and open the app, enter your telephone number and submit. We will then send you a text with a pin number that you will need to enter on the sign up page. Once entered you will go straight to the app and can start making cheap international calls.

World Chat integrates seamlessly with your mobile (iOS and Android), automatically importing all of your international contacts. It removes the need to type out long PIN numbers or even swap SIMS. It is available for everyone in the UK, whatever your network.

With unparalleled call quality and clarity (we use the UK’s most loved mobile network) you will be in touch with your friends and loved ones anytime, anywhere.



Is World Chat available for my phone?

World Chat is available for iPhones (iOS7 and above) and Android phones (Android 4.0 and above).

Can I download and use the app on my iPad/tablet?

No. The app is only available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

How do I register for World Chat?

World Chat has a simple sign up process. Open the app, enter your telephone number and submit. You will then receive a text with a PIN number which you just need to enter on the sign up page. If it’s correct then you will go straight into the app and can start making cheap international calls.

I’m not an O2 customer. Can I still get the app?

Yes. World Chat is available on all UK mobile networks.

When I try and sign up it keeps on failing, why?

Please ensure you have typed in your mobile number correctly and in the correct format. Please also be patient to receive your SMS code. These usually arrive instantly, but sometimes it could take a little longer.

How can I get free credit?

In the More section of the app, you can share the app via the social media or direct messaging buttons. Once you and your friend have both downloaded the app and both made a top up of minimum £5, both users will receive their £2.50 free credit 48 hours after.